baby visit

So my wonderful doctor that I have been seeing at Aga Khan hospital hails from Goa, India. This explains why upon first meeting her I thought she might be Spanish (she is actually of Portuguese heritage)

She took leave from her practice a bit over a month ago to go help her mother who broke her hip in Goa.

So, consequently I went for about 5 weeks without a check up.

I went this last week for my 37 week appt. I was SOOO hoping that there would be news like, “Wow! You’re almost there, this baby is coming any time!”

Nope. Just confirmation that the baby had indeed dropped.

Weight looks good. Measurements look good. This doctor is guessing that baby May will come in around 7 pounds. My last midwife guessed about 6 1/2 pounds for my 8 pounder Lucy. I love the suspense of it all! I LOVE making all of these predictions and seeing who comes closest!

Anyhow, she made an appt. for me in 10 days (this Friday) assuring me she was positive she wouldn’t see me before then.

Bummer for me. Can’t one baby come early????

Anyhow, she then proceeded to ask how much medical knowledge my husband had. “How come?” I replied.

My awesome doctor went on to prep me on all the basics of a car delivery, especially considering that she thought the drive in might take 30 minutes and I let her know that it usually takes 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours to get into Nairobi from Thika, depending on whatever randomness has occurred on the road that day. Who knew that we should just leave the umbilical cord uncut until arriving at the hospital?? I didn’t. The mental picture is a bit much.

So, we’ll go in this Friday, at right about 39 weeks and see how this little missy is cooking up. I’m praying for a smooth, easy start to labor that allows us plenty of time to get into the hospital…..I don’t need any more crazy than living here brings!

We also have a volunteer team coming from the States next Sunday evening. Pray that everything for the team and for our new arrival goes smoothly and coordinates well together!

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