America’s in the house!

My wonderful friend Erika arrived this last Monday for a week long stay to visit and help out with the new baby.

We fondly refer to her as “America” because Eli and Lucy would say SOOOO often when they were smaller, “Um, Erika….” followed by a million different questions or requests.  So now, she pretty much just represents all of America while we are here in Kenya.

Erika last visited with her husband Rhett in January.  That was a very different trip….a lot more sight seeing and running around, which makes sense since baby Meena wasn’t  around then, or at least she was just “a round” in my belly!

Now, this visit is filled with a lot of:

Ameena gets some Erika love

Erika is a wonderful multi-tasker. I think she's updating her blog here.

You get the idea. Baby's have an affinity for Erika.

Joyce brought her baby Araelio for a visit, so Erika went for the double hold....

I have to say, we’ve done a lot more than just hold Ameena and sit around, but I’m not quite on my game when out in public, so you don’t see a lot of pictures that I have snapped.  We have enjoyed doing all of the usual “girlfriend” kinds of things:  catching up on news from home, news from each other’s families, news of the weird, plans for the future, good food and of course some shopping.  We have also had a great deal of visits from local neighbors and contacts who remember Erika from her last visit and want to say hello.  It’s been a wonderful week and I am sad to think that Erika will be on her way home in a few days, but thrilled that I have gotten to spend some nice quality time with her.

We love you America!

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