Ahh, the doctor’s office

I don’t really mind the doctors office.

At least I never did before.

I’m a little nervous about tomorrow though. I have an appointment with a dermatologist to check over my leg where I had the melanoma removed 2 DAYSbefore we left for Africa.

I guess it’s the whole idea of going to someone with a name I can’t pronounce (granted, that happens in the States too), in a Hospital I’ve never been to, in an almost completely foreign country (we’re getting to know it, so it can’t be completely foreign now can it?).

I’m going at 2pm, on the 2nd floor, in room 222. That’s a lot of twos if you ask me.

I’m wondering what you do in a skin check in a foreign country. It’s kind of a really intimate, personal thing if you think about having to bear yourself completely for some stranger.

At least my doctor in Portland was this grey haired grandfatherly type.

Let’s hope that I get a good report and that this cancer stuff is well behind us.

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