A teaser:

Ok, you can say it’s mean, but at  least I am getting something on here!

To say that my body is not my own these last 2 days is an understatement.  I’m pretty sure most of you know what I’m talking about.  Donna Gray, you would simply DIE if you saw how tight and almost small those particular articles of clothing are that you kindly sent me. 

But here is what I must say all joking aside.

When Ameena was born, it was a bit traumatic, and fast, and initially, I was in too much shock to hold her or look at her much.  I have never had that experience with either Lucy or Eli.

Later that day though, when we were back in our room and things had settled, respectively, I was overcome with the most amazing sense of awe, and gratitude and humility for all that God has brought me and our family through in the past year.  To say that it has been an easy journey is … well … I wish I could say that.  To say that this baby hasn’t been long hoped for and prayed over is putting it mildly.    I have shared with so many others of you who have  grieved the inability to have a child, or the loss of a child(ren) and know that Ameena is a wonderful gift, not only because she is the child we desired, but also because she will be a reminder of this part of our life when we took a leap of faith and left the familiar to come to Kenya and experience all that we have.

And so, knowing all of that, it makes sense that on the day before this little one was born her mom and dad suddenly changed her name from Eden Olivia to Ameena Olivia.  A nod to her Kenyan start, and to the Swahili meaning of truth and trustworthiness.

Here is a picture of this sweet little one who cries like a cat:

1 day old

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