A reminder is always good…

So, I’ve been reading the book, “The Shack” and just finished it this afternoon.  While there were many good thoughts, I was reminded about these thoughts that I have pondered and agreed with over the years:

We are created in God’s image…which means to be in relationship with others.  We constantly are trying to turn inward towards ourselves when we need to strive to turn or “re-turn” to others.

Being in relationship with others requires that we trust, have faith, and relinquish our need to control everything around us.

Because we as humans have freedom and seek independence (which draws us away from relationship at times) bad things happen, and while God does not prevent this (because he does not interfere with our freedom) he does make every attempt to use the outcome to bring about good.

God desires to be in a deep, true and intimate relationship with us.  He is not desiring to be a dictator, or director, but a partner.

And with all of that said, I am posting the most recent picture of our wonderful family, taken by our dear friends, Brian and Karissa Kuns.  Thank you Kuns family!

Our family September '08

Our family September

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