A Kenyan Teachers’ Wishlist!

In anticipation of our travel to Kenya, we would love to have interested supporters help us to purchase these wish list items for the Kiang’ombe classroom.  Below you will find a basic list of the essentials the teachers would like to have to round out their materials.  Most of these items are too expensive to  purchase in Kenya, or are not easily available.

If you are interested in providing something on the wishlist, or have it already, please leave a note indicating such under comments—that way we don’t end up with 3,000 pipe cleaners and no baby dolls!

Here is the Kenyan Teachers’ wish list for the classroom:

  • 2 sets–Building Blocks (perhaps Duplo?)-1 set Taken by Anne
  • 5 packs–Colored Construction Paper (packs of about 240 pieces @ Michael’s for $7ish) – Taken by Eve
  • 2 bags Beads (large bags @Michael’s for $7ish)

  • 3 packs of Pipe Cleaners (package @Michaels of 350 pcs)~ Taken by Nina
  • 6 Balls (preferably O balls, they will never pop or need blowing up!!!)~ Taken by Tara G.


  • 4-Jump Ropes~Taken by Tara G.
  • 10-Toy Cars/Vehicles (preferably lightweight plastic appropriate for 2-4 year olds, remembering all of this will be fit into suitcases!–we need about 5 still

  • 4 Toy Babies (preferably black skin toned) –Got them! Thanks Carol & Sarah
  • 3 packs Letters  (Dollar store has some great school resources)~Taken by Nina
  • 3 packs Numbers (Dollar store has some great resources)~Taken by Nina
  • 3 sets Animals (Goodwill etc. often has bags of small plastic animals)

  • 25 Dice~Taken by Tara G.
  • 10 Paints/2 packages simple brushes (powdered tempera paint would be amazing for ease of travel/smaller size, but Michael’s does have some liquid paint packs if nothing else)
  • Portable Tunnels~ taken by LouAnn C-G.

  • 10 Books (themes–animals, geography, ocean, space, feelings, colors, size, body parts etc) ~Tara G (4 nature themed)
  • 10 Values Books (kindness, patience, listening, taking care of surroundings, siblings etc)
  • Abacus~Taken by Tara G.
  • 5 Letter/Animal/Number Puzzles (easily found at 2nd hand stores for much cheaper than retail & in good shape, again looking for lightweight)
  • Frisbee in various colors – Got em!


We can re-evaluate once we see what everyone comes up with in the hunt for awesome for free or very low price!!

I am excited to see what we can all pull together–the teachers did not say quantities on the items they requested, but this is my best guess and what we might be able to take over!

In mutual shopping/thrifting excitement,  

Anne (Mama Ameena)

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