3AM blogs are just wrong….

Well, I tried to chat up my friend, Erika Lee, on facebook since it is about 4:30pm in Portland, Oregon and 3:30 am here in Thika, Kenya….but she must have more pressing matters on her hands like kid pick up from the bus stop, and homework, and diabetes snack time etc. etc.!  So, you get a rambling blog from me instead.

I feel like things have been a whirl wind trapped inside a time warp here.  What I mean by that is that we get all excited about the progress we are making, and then crazy things happen like we can’t take on abandoned babies because the baby cots we ordered to have made are still not made and seem to look more like a little kids daybed than  a crib.  I guess we really shouldn’t take for granted that everyone has the “same” idea in mind when talking about cribs, or even when looking at pictures of cribs.  One thing is for certain, those babies are going to have a lot of room to spread out in!  No cramped beds at this Centre!  Another thing that is certain here bout these parts of Kenya is…..not matter what you order, you’re gonna get what your gonna get, so you might as well just ask for whatever the server, or store, or craftsman feels like making.  Less trouble all around that way.

I have hit the 28 week mark in my pregnancy and am starting to remember some of the uncomfortableness that comes with being *bigger* than my normal in the heat.  I have thrown caution to the wind, and now wear my sleeveless tops, I think the Kenyans around us have figured out that I’m not out to advertise my body  and am just an overheated very pregnant married lady.   I am so curious to find out if this new baby will acquire the Kenyan sense of climate control and will just think that Portland, Oregon is incredibly cold all of the time.  Even now, I looked in on both kids and there they are, in this humid house in the high 70’s perhaps low 80’s,  sleeping peacefully in long sleeved tops and pants, with socks, like it is mid winter in the States.  You know, even in mid 80 summer weather here, little kids come to the Centre in their knit sweater ski-type hats and that’s just how it rolls here.  Just seeing  that makes me think I might have to go jump on Ian’s all cold shower bandwagon.   I’m to drop into the hospital in Nairobi for another ultrasound any time here, so hopefully we’ll get another look at this little miss who is heating up my overstuffed body…and due to make her appearance in just short of 3 months now!

Well, since 3 am blogs are just wrong, and now it is 3:30 am, I’m gonna turn off this rambling machine and head back to bed.  Please note:  I really CAN NOT be held responsible for any senseless blathering that occurs at this time in the night/morning.

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