4 year old Paparazzi

Ever since Joseph (the neighbor boy who adopted our family) took the camera and snapped a few pictures in the house, Eli and Lucy have been angling for chances to snatch it themselves. I can be a little ADD so sometimes it takes the bright flash of the camera before I realize that it’s been childnapped.

Eli took the camera from  me before our last community meeting and here is a small sampling of the pictures he took of us.  He took some great Centre kid shots that you might get to see at a later date.   You can see with these, not bad for a 4-year old.

Eli and Megan self pic


Eli's got the camera 7-29-09 020








Eli's got the camera 7-29-09 022a

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8 Responses to “4 year old Paparazzi”
  1. vicki steele says:

    Hey Eli! Good job, dude!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Go Eli!! don’t be put down by “the man”!! Artistic freedom must live!!

  3. connie clemens says:

    what a handsome boy! his girlfriend is cute too :-)

  4. Carol Barnum says:

    OH my he is changing so much. Great photos, Eli!

  5. Cindi Bailey says:

    Got your package today. Love it
    Thank you

  6. AMERIKA says:

    Wow – those shots are awesome!

  7. Anna says:

    seriously – has eli gotten even cuter these last couple months?

  8. Eve says:

    awesome shots – so good to see your faces again!

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