Random funnies

We use a lot of OUST spray in this house.  Right now I have the citrus version that is a disinfectant and a sanitizer.

Sometimes I read labels, just for fun.  On cereal boxes, pretty much anything.  It’s a strange habit, I know.

Today, I read the OUST label.  On the back it has this warning:   DO NOT USE ON PETS.   I found that extremely amusing.  I pictured someone spraying their dog down.  Obviously people do that, or they wouldn’t have to put that warning on there.

The other funny thing is that Lucy has progressively turned into a “bag” lady.  My pictures document her journey of containers:
































Seriously.  I don’t know how this could progress any further.  A 32 gallon trash can?  You should hear the noise this thing makes as she drags it out of her room in the morning, drags it to every room she is in, and tries to get it into her crib at night.  Simply hysterical.

One thought on “Random funnies

  • Er

    I have witnessed the basket and it is true. I especially like the giant “lid” which is not pictured. To protect her stuff. Because someone might get it.

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