Me time

So, I like to knit.  It’s me time.  It’s time when I can generally veg out, relax, and physically can’t be doing something for one of the kids or another adult because my hands are full and my brain has been turned off, or at least it’s in full knitting mode.

Sometime in the summer, I posted that I was going crazy because I was having an incredibly hard time find knitting supplies here in Thika/Nairobi.  That situation hasn’t improved much, but several readers sent me some yarn, needles, and Ian’s mother found all of the necessities for the arm warmer picture I posted and sent them to me.

I am by no means a fantastic knitter, but I get by.  I can do different patterns, and have made a few things over the years.  I’m a slower knitter…if you compare me to those people who get a little obsessive about it and knit all night to get projects done.

My last project, by my estimation, really didn’t take that long when you calculate that there are lots of interruptions in my day-to-day (what with living where you work & having work be 24/7), I didn’t know how to do the first step in the pattern for 3 months, and then after learning the 1st step, lost the necessary beading needle for another 2 1/2 months.

Here is my finished project.  They are beaded wrist warmers in a Bollywood kind of style.  Not usually my kind of thing, but they actually look quite striking underneath a long-sleeved shirt.  Ian’s mother whips them up in about a day, but since it takes me a while, I’m contemplating whether or not I’ll make another pair or if I’ll move on to learning how to crochet an adorable baby hat.  Hmmm?  Heavy decisions in the craft world.

9 thoughts on “Me time

  • Bonita May

    Great job Anne. I too haven’t decided if I will give away my last pair. Tried them on with a sweater and was surprised how beautiful they looked with it. Add a wonder matching scarf and your teacher friends will be envious this coming school year in cold, wet, windy Portland. Can’t WAIT!

  • Eve

    How can you see them if they are underneath a long sleeved shirt? I need a visual. They look nice though and definitely something that an EXPERT knitter would do – not a novice as you say.

  • Bonita May

    Eve, Anne has the cuffs a little high on her arm for the picture. In the cold you wear them lower on the hand and they make a wonderful cuff. Also I sometimes push up my sleeves a little.

  • Eve

    So then I guess you would have to make sure your sweater matched the cuffs? Sounds like a lot of coordinating – but I bet you all could pull it off!

  • Jamie Varblow

    So impressive! They are lovely, for sure. I’ve nearly given up knitting or crocheting … I just can’t remember where I am in a pattern and I can’t make enough progress in the short bursts of time I find during the day. That’s why, if I do anything now, I sew. So much more gratifying for the time frame I’m normally working with… a couple of hours after Cubs goes to bed.

  • Bonita May

    No, no, no! Just think of your favorite color. You have sweaters, shirts, etc that are coordinated. Pick out the color you favor – wear the most, get yarn that compliments it, add beads that make a rich beautiful contrast and walla! One great look on a dark, depressing, rainy or snowy day.

  • Natalie

    Impressive! Your craftiness will not be denied–even in the knit-shop-deprived depths of Africa! Go, Anne!

  • erin

    I want them!

  • Bonita May

    Erin, with wrist cuffs you would be so beautifully elegant we could hardly stand it! Your makeup, your nails, your high fashion and now this!
    Miss you. Will be so happy when Anne and Ian are home so we can see you, too.

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