Lucy Boo-cy

On her "mountain" of stones..beyond a canyon/river but it is hard to tell.

On her "mountain" of stones..beyond a canyon/river but it is hard to tell.

That is Eli’s name for Lucy when he is teasing her. It drives her crazy. He knows it does, so of course she gets called that even more. Until I step in to referee. Then he just tries to whisper it. Anyhow, Lucy is quite the character. Surprising people here with her boldness and toughness. People are always grabbing for her when she falls, but then she just gets up, brushes herself off and is fine. She wanted me to take this picture of her outside when she was playing “king of the mountain”, which involves her yelling to anyone who will listen, “GET OFF MY MOUNTAIN!”  I don’t know where they get these things.

As we were walking outside, it was early evening and Lucy pointed and said, “It so shiney!”  I must have looked confused because she repeated herself and pointed to the sky.  The evening sky at dusk looked shiney or rather silver if you ask me, but hey, shiney works.  Then she pointed to the cow and said, “Did they melt the cow?”  Took me a minute to figure out that one too.  Melt, milk.   You can see how the two words  might get confused.   Then she looked at the scab on her knee and said, “Come on with me owie.”

Sometimes you just got to love this girl.  Stubborness and all.  Ok, I love her all the time.

5 thoughts on “Lucy Boo-cy

  • Grammy

    Yes, definitely all the time. How special to have such a strong little female in our family again. I seem to remember her Mama being a persistant little girl. And strong, willing to leave a comfortable life and move to Africa. Love you all.

  • Cindi

    That’s the way the females are in our family. Lucy need to think of a name for eli. I think secretly that grammy misses having the strong females around.

  • Eve

    Awesome. It looks like she is holding a purse too. Glad that interest hasn’t faded.


    Jax was just talking about Eli & Lucy-goosey today. 🙂 He misses them.

    • mayfamily

      Eli just skyped with Jax at Evil’s house. Our internet is up and running so give us a call. Eli was extatic in a very 4-year-old way. Cute, sort of.

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