Ian has always had a special relationship with his hair. 

He won’t admit it though. 

When I met him in college he had long straight hair that went past his shoulders.  I used to watch him mess with it during chapel.  He’d pull it back into a ponytail and flip it up and down when nervous. 

He’s making a lot of jokes these days about the lack of hair on his head.  He definitely knows how to make up for it with hair on his face. 

In his honor, since it’s Father’s Day, I decided to post a sampling of his facial hair adventures: 

This was his beard a few days ago....it's shaven now

This was in November...he really was starting to scare the native women here with this beard. I think it made him look too aggressive??? I thought he just looked kind of biblical.

This is Ian's 1st beard ever, in 2006




Ian's a natural trucker

Ian's title on this photo: 6 weeks, I shaved for Anne since she rented the house

Wow. Looks like Lincoln.

6 thoughts on “Hair

  • Eve

    At least he’s into growing his beard and not his hair again. Shaving his head in different patterns could be interesting.

  • Matt Lindley

    I vote for picture 3 and 5.

  • Craig

    That’s nuthin. Cp


    Are we allowed to vote? I like the “clean” look. 🙂

    • mayfamily

      Your vote will be counted Amerika. But who says scraping the hair off your body with a cold piece of steel (and probably a dirty one at that which has been sitting around on some counter or nasty shower shelf accumulating loads of bacteria and other miroorganisms) is “Clean” anyway. Seems like that’s where lots of people get staph infections, boils, razor burn, and other skin diseases from. More acurate terms for my shaven appearence might be the “more femanine” look, the “trying to get a job” look, the “having to conform to insane social norms in a judgemental, superficial world” look, or perhaps the “I really want people to like me for how I look” look. Just some suggestions. 🙂 Ian

  • connie clemens

    Maybe Ian’s feeling the need to look like a “sage.”

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