DeJa Vu

Today Ian and I had a conversation that I am almost positive we had before Eli was born.

It has to do with the baby’s sleeping arrangements.

Before Eli was born, I had THE most difficult time justifying why we needed a cradle (borrowed) for him.  Ian was empathic that we could just use a drawer from the dresser, or even a tub.  He’s really a practical guy, and most of the time I appreciate this about him, but not today.

Today, we had that conversation all over again….pretty much 5 years later to the day.

It went a little something like this:

Ian-“Why can’t the baby sleep in bed with you?”

Me-“Because I don’t sleep with a baby in bed with me.  I have nightmares that I’m going to squish it, or that it will get caught in the mosquito net”  (Yes, we have the added bonus of having to consider real functional netting at night for me and the baby so we don’t get The Malaria).

Ian-somewhat jokingly, but not quite enough, “And why would you want to deprive the baby of that nurturing?”

Anne- “Because I don’t sleep with a baby on me all night and I don’t think you all want me that *itchy from not sleeping”

Ian-“It’s just 2 months.”


Ian-“Where are you going to put the cradle?”

Anne-“There (pointing at the end of our bedroom where my desk currently is, but won’t be) or maybe in the guest room.

We journey to the  guest room.

Ian- “And where will it go in here?”

Mind you, I am a spatial planner and I have been planning this arrangement of new baby furniture since the 2nd ultrasound confirming this baby’s viability (so for 5 months now).

Anyhow….the conversation continued…with a lot of back and forth and Ian ending with:  “So why can’t we just prop up this bed and then the baby lies on one side and you use the other side as a changing area?”

To which I replied, “Hey, if I have to have a baby in Africa, don’t go ruining the small amount of pleasure I might get from having a cradle made, and buying a used changing table.”

Ian-“Don’t I get a say?”

Me-“Not really, cause I’m the one getting up to feed it and change it in the middle of the night.”

Ian-“But I can’t breast feed it.”

Me-“That’s my point.”

So, I think this conversation will die like the one did before Eli was born….and when Ian comes back from his 4 year amnesia of what it is like to go without sustained night sleep for months on end because of a fussing baby.

In that spirit, I’m going to take this picture to the local carpenter in the market to see if he can make this, or something close in approximation:
Allegro Cradle

I’ll keep you updated on the “arrangement”.

8 thoughts on “DeJa Vu

  • connie clemens

    Your conversation reminds me of riding in the car with my 3-year old grandson…
    “Why are we going to the grocery store?”
    “To buy food.”
    “Because you’ll be hungry in a couple hours”
    “Why can’t I have peanut butter & jelly?”
    “You can’t eat that every day”
    “I explained that to you yesterday”
    “I don’t remember.”

  • Karissa

    I’m not sure I want to remember what those sleepless nights are like. I’d say go for the guest room. I’m totally with you on the baby in the bed thing (same fears). That cradle is beautiful! I hope what gets made is close. Good luck with that :).


    If you’re lucky, you will get a wooden couch with gold cushions instead of that beautiful cradle. Kidding. I hope it turns out amazing. Any word on the benches yet??

  • Karen

    We’ve had these same conversations with baby 3 and now baby 4 mostly because our house is on the smallish side and we need to have the baby share a room with the sibling that will do the least damage to it. Haha, just kidding. Sort of.

  • Eve

    That is awesome. I remember that conversation so well – he wanted to put it (Eli) in a laundry basket! I squalked at the time – but have considered it several times for baby Chai! 🙂 I have to take your side though. I think it’s hilarious how they continue to think that we have all of these spur of the moment ideas and don’t realize that we have played out every possible scenario for the first year of life before they are even born! Too bad you can’t bring that bassinette home – it’s beautiful!

  • Shawnna

    This cracks me up! Those sleepless nights are precisely why Ryan is adamant that we not have another kid.

  • mayfamily

    In my own defence, if I remmenber right I took off 2 MONTHS work with both kids when they were born to help out!!! I fixed the mop the other day with two butter knives and some duct tape. And My dad was raised in a drawer and he turned out fine. His back is pretty messed up but there’s no way to prove it was from sleeping a drawer. Ian

  • Amy

    Cradle is beautiful! Ian, while you are a bug killing, mop fixing superman, I don’t think you are gonna win this one. It would make some cute pictures though!

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