Christmas: The unusual (Part 2)

So, part 2 of Christmas was our (ok solely Ian’s) acceptance of an invitation to a local family’s house for dinner.  This family lives in the Umoja slum right next to Karibu Centre.  The family is quite nice, and we had them for dinner once after the dad, Anthony, invited himself over.  Hey, at least he’s a go-getter!

When Anthony, called to confirm our “Christmas reservation” for his house a few days before, he indicated that we needed to come for the ENTIRE day.  I about died.  “No way” I mouthed to Ian.  Ian negotiated it down to 2 hours…from 11 to 1pm.  We figured we could do our Christmas morning, go to the slum and eat a little, then come home for a regular, traditional type Christmas meal to end the day.

Are we still naive???  Haven’t we learned that the plans never go as laid in Kenya?  We walked to their house, which Ian amazingly found among all of the corrugated metal walls running down one alley in the slum.  Our 2 hours turned into 4 hours of hanging, watching raw goat be turned into BBQ’d nyama (meat), Kukuyu blood sausage, and child play toys.  Here are some pics to give you a better idea:

Ian stayed for over 8 hours and represented the family well.  Megan, I and the kids wimped out after 4 hours.  The pregnancy was the only excuse they couldn’t argue with.  What do you say to a woman who says she needs to “rest”?  Ian was a sport.  He came home sicker than a dog, laid on the floor and later rid his body of way too many goat parts that should not be eaten.  Remember that stuffed stomach?  He ate that, and about every other part of a goat that can possibly be eaten.    Yuck.

Anyhow, I can’t imagine having a Christmas meal like this again!  What an experience!

7 thoughts on “Christmas: The unusual (Part 2)

  • Jim Rickwa

    I really got a kick out of this entry, Anne… captivating and really, really funny. I found I was mouthing “No way!” to myself and sympathetically wretching with Ian at your discription of what he had to eat. What a Christmas adventure!

  • rachel

    Oh My Anne! I dont know how you all did that. The pic of all the goat parts on the grill…I have to say that Ian is very adventurous! I hope you guys had a Merry Christmas! Im sure it was memorable! And congrats on your baby girl on the way! How fun!

  • Eve

    It kinda makes me feel silly thinking about how cautious I was with what I ate when I was pregnant. And I was dealing with tuna and non-pasturized cheese. I think goat blood is definitely on the list of “things to avoid”. You guys are brave. Way to jump in with 2 feet though!

  • Angie Battle

    Yeah, I’m not even pregnant and the pictures of the goat parts made me queasy. Good for you. Your kids will have so much to look back on in their early lives! I do love, though, how you let them be barefoot and play with goat heads. Way to throw out all of our typical motherly inhibitions. I’m going to need to remember that. . .

  • Lindsey

    I almost threw up just looking at your pictures and reading your description. That goat soup thing was the nastiest thing ever. Terry was just laughing at me the whole time I was covering my mouth and told me “not to wake the kids if I throw up.” Thanks for the gross-out session and good laughs!

    • mayfamily

      This is Ian, believe me Linds that there are way nastier parts of a goat to eat than head / hoof soup. I’ll share all the wonderful details with you one day 🙂