Big weekend…

Big weekend.

Megan comes back to Kenya from her adventure in the US

Ian’s parents arrive for a visit from Portland:

And, this wonderful loaf in the oven that we are expecting turns 15 weeks new!  It is a relief to be over so much of the tiredness and nausea that I have had so far!  Some of you have asked how pre-natal appointments go here in Kenya & for the most part, they are very similar to those in the States, at least at the private hospital I go to

I have a wonderful physician who grew up in Goa, India who sees me for all of my pre-natal visits, and she also delivers all of her own babies.  Amazing in this day and age!

This is where I’ll go to deliver and recover:

Specifically here:

Looks pretty much like in the States huh?  Overall, the cost is less than a delivery in the States, but because our international insurance does not cover maternity (you had to have that well in advance of getting pregnant), we’ll be saving our pennies for the months before the big arrival.

We’ll have a regular appointment the first part of December, and then an ultrasound around the end of December/first part of January where we can find out the gender.  I’m still on the fence about finding out the gender—-with a lot of encouragement from my friend Eve to save the “surprise” until the actually day.  I told her that a 1 1/2 hour drive to the hospital on the big day was about all of the surprise I needed.  What do you all think?  Should we or shouldn’t we find out?  You know, Ian and I  like to play games and place bets on just about everything, even our precious children.


11 thoughts on “Big weekend…

  • Natalie

    Oh, brother. Eve with her “wait and let it be a surprise” business again. 😉 Like I always say, IT’S STILL A SURPRISE!!! You can be surprised in the ultrasound room or in the delivery room just the same. And it’s always nice to start referring to the baby as “he” or “she” instead of “it.” (That being said, if we’d had a third I would have waited and been surprised in the delivery room just to change things up a bit AND to add to the excitement and anticipation since later pregnancies don’t usually carry the same excitement level as first ones do.)

  • Eve

    THIS IS THE BET TO END ALL BETS!!!!! DO NOT find out. I think it would take you being in another country with an “unexpected” pregnancy to throw all of your pre-planning ways out the window. This is your shot! It’d better not ever happen again!!!

  • Jennifer

    I say find out so you can plan for the baby, and people in the states can send you cute stuff. But that’s just the planner in me speaking. 🙂
    I’m so happy that you will be having family visit! What a wonderful treat for you guys and the kids! Have a great time! 🙂

  • Cindi

    how about a deal for everyone, you tell family what it is in a email we will secretly not tell, and let the world find out on FB. Selfishly I would like to find out if I have a niece or nephew before the rest of the world does. 🙂

  • Lindsey

    I’m all for finding out! Do you really want a lot of white, beige & yellow ducks? Yeah…didn’t think so. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but that is so not you! Like I told you before, find out and just tell Eve you didn’t.

  • Molly Hughes

    So glad to see that Grandpa and Grandma made it safely! Have a wonderful vacation!

  • Anna

    EVE is crazy with all her soup cooking and zuchini bread baking – don’t listen to her. Find out the gender!!!

  • Karissa

    I say wait and be suprised. Of course I could never do it myself so I’ll live vicariously through you guys. Oh, and you might want to live in the hospital waiting room like a month before giving birth 🙂

  • Vicki Steele

    Normally, I would say find out, but since you have one of each already take a few bets and have fun with it. Such a special time, special circumstances, in such a special land. My vote is WAIT!


    FIND OUT! That way, in case you have any visitors after that appointment, they can bring you more baby stuff!!!

  • Shari Altree

    I vote for finding out. You and the kids can get ready, make plans, pick out a good name, etc etc etc. I think you have plenty of daily surprises over there anyway!!! I’m so excited for all of you, but especially for this lucky little one! XOXOXO

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