Baby pics!

Yesterday, since I was already in Nairobi for another errand, I decided to go ahead with my drop-in ultrasound that my OB/GYN had written orders for a few weeks ago.

Looks like baby girl May is growing along just fine, with no worries to report.  She is right on track for 28 weeks, 5 days in all of her growth, with average weight predicted…..which is great news when you have gestational diabetes & have already had one baby born with shoulder dystocia.

Here are my two favorite pics.  Unfortunately, the profile picture of her face isn’t the best because the umbilical cord kept waving back and forth in front of her face during the scan.

The large blob on the left is the profile of her skull, with the eye socket, mouth and a hand reaching up towards the mouth...


And then this picture is of her hands:

One hand is open (left), the one on the right is fisted

 It was great to see blood flow, the heart functioning and everything else as it should be.  I’ll have one more of these types of scans in another 4 weeks for purposes of growth monitoring with my diabetes, which means that this baby will have had more ultrasounds than all of my other pregnancies combined!

4 thoughts on “Baby pics!

  • connie clemens

    Is it just me, or do I see a pianist in the making? 🙂

  • Natalie

    That is great news! So exciting!

    Oh, and that photo of the kids on your blog header is awesome. They look like twins with those matching expressions on their little faces!

    We miss you!

  • Eve

    Awesome pics – is that a 3D ultrasound? It looks better than the 2D ones. I’m glad everything looks great! How are you almost 30 weeks??!?! I guess being so far away makes the time fly even faster. 🙁

  • Anna

    pics are a little freaky-deaky, but love hearing all is well!

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