Baby Love

I love babies.  Mine and other peoples.  Ian’s brother and his wife had their 3rd child, a baby girl, born this weekend.  In honor of that, here is a picture their baby girl, Aliyah (you might need to click on it to see it larger, I copied it from his facebook page), and a few of my other favorite baby pics.

Here are some of my favorite other baby pictures:

Lucy with her baby carried Kenyan style. I can't wait to try this t!echnique myself

Eli at about 7 months

Lucy at 4-5 months old

4 thoughts on “Baby Love

  • Eve

    Seeing those baby pictures has got to get you excited for yours to arrive! Get that baby back here quickly. We’re pretending Charlie is still a baby for as long as we can, but he’s not going to go along with it forever!


    Eve tries to pretend Charlie is a baby, but really, when she’s not around, he runs around my house and says “More pizza!” or “Where’s my beer!”

    I got to hold Niina’s 5 week old baby girl today. It didn’t make me want more babies (good sign) but I can’t wait to hold yours!!! 🙂

    Love you – sorry we got cut off on the old skype yet again. Ugh.

  • Jennifer

    I just love those baby pictures! Thanks for sharing!
    I am excited to hear all about yours when it is born! 🙂

  • Amy

    oh! I love that picture of Eli! I had that on my frig till he was like 3!

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