Baby bump

Some of you at home have been asking me to send you pictures of the bump known as little Miss May.

So, at 30 weeks, this is what she’s looking like.  Perspective and clothing can make a big difference in the “bump” looking small or huge in my opinion…the last shot making her look huge, but actually, this is the kind of view I get most of the time!

I am savoring each bit of this precious pregnancy, thankful for the gift that has been given to me after 2 that have been lost.

I think this is a "feel small" kind of outfit.....


Momma clothes as the market sellers call them....


the view for the kids most of the time....

5 thoughts on “Baby bump


    I love that last pic!!! 🙂

  • Amy

    You look just beautiful!!! I have not had the pleasure of seeing your baby bump before. Seems that we connect during my pregnancies and miss yours! Can’t wait to smooch on that little Miss May! Love you friend!

  • erin

    Beautiful babe!

  • bwakeling

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! My wife is due in April, she’s about as far gone as you! Do you know if you’re having a boy or a girl or are you waiting until the birth?

    You might find my blog interesting if you want to know how your partner is feeling during your pregnancy!

    All the best,


  • Bonita May

    Looking good momma and granddaughter! Notice in pic #1 Lucia is practicing her new skill learned next door – sitting on table :). Also note the water filter is now by the door. Is it leaking worse? Amazing how difficult and time consuming the taken-for-granted clean water reality can be in East Africa. How is Ian’s foot? Today is Dorothee’s due date – keep praying for her little girl to arrive health and safe.

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