And this would be?

So on Friday after the program let out I took Megan in to the Makongeni market with me to do a little veggie shopping. She had been to the market previously with Ian, but on an off day…one with very few vendors and a crazy man screaming at them that they didn’t belong here in Africa, and to go back home. Not a great first market experience.

We walked to the market to avoid all of the trouble taking a car into the market can cause, and were there in no time. It is just a little bit across Garissa Road from the Karibu Centre. We made a short side trip to the post office to pay the electricity bill (which costs pretty much the same as in the States) and then entered through the main market gate.

It didn’t take long to find the vendors with pineapple, avocados, carrots and tomatos and then I convinced Megan to browse the purse and clothing vendors with me. We thought this purse would be perfect for her:


So did the vendor.

After browsing the clothing and not finding anything, we turned home. We decided to take the back path from the market to the Makongeni Police Station that allows one to miss most of the Garissa Road traffic. On the way I enjoyed seeing Megan’s face as we passed the various butchers with entire carcasses hanging in their windows. Then we saw a man cooking what looked like sausages on a grill.

It wasn’t readily apparent what kind of sausages they were. I think he said they were pork or beef. I really can’t remember because all I could see were the huge chunks inside of them. No Jimmy Dean sausage here.

I dared Megan to eat some. She took my dare. I didn’t really think she’d agree, and then I was stuck!

This is what we were faced with eating, I wish I’d gotten a picture of the sausage before the butcher made these slices:


Then I figured that if I said, “No, you go first!” that Megan would chicken out and we wouldn’t have to eat them.

She didn’t. Here’s the proof:


I couldn’t believe that she popped the whole thing in her mouth at one time. Then I had to pony up and eat one too. It looked worse than it tasted. Mostly, it tasted like salt. I’m not usually a chewed gum saver, but in this case we had both saved our gum so we could quickly pop it in to rid our mouths of the taste.


Phew, am I glad that’s over! That’s about as close as I’m getting to Fear Factor.


7 thoughts on “And this would be?

  • Cindi

    Hey anne,
    what does Lucy want for her birthday, need to know so that I can send a package now. Hopefully it will get to her by her birthday.

    Your sis

  • Cindi

    Ohh and you are braver than I will ever be.

  • Grammy

    The pictures are priceless! You didn’t have to pose….looks like you. Thank you.

  • momma Vic

    Cannot believe you ate that Megs – and Anne you too!!! It looks pretty gross, but when you spoke of chunks…that really got me – yuck. Definitely “Fear Factor” worthy. ha.

  • connie clemens

    Looks like you’ve jumped right in to experiencing Africa Meg- Ian’s style! I was thinking you might give Anne a respite from being fearless but guess not 🙂 I guess I’ll be the only one who wants to dine at the Nairobi Hilton for a tasting adventure!!

    PS- Will there now be two blogs?

  • Amerika

    I’m thinking it would be best NOT to know what the sausage was made of. Der.

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