A how to lesson

I’ve posted in the past about my love of kangas & how Kenyans use them to tie babies on their backs. 

Because some of you asked to see what it looked like to balance the baby on the back, I took a few pictures about a week before we were due to come back home to the states. 

Lillian, one of the house-mothers in the abandoned infant care center was kind enough to demonstrate with Ameena. 

Moving Ameena onto her back

Positioning Ameena on her back with the elbow up to catch her if she slips


Balancing Ameena as she readies the kanga to pull over her


Adjusting the kanga up under the bum


Finished, with a kanga as a baby carrier

I’ve tried this a few times now, always with someone there to catch Ameena as I’m not the most comfortable in my ability to balance her on my back.  Ameena has lasted on my back for about 5 minutes, breaking out into a squawk before long.  I got some interesting stares walking down my street in Portland, Oregon with her on my back.  You’d think this hippy town would be used to this kind of thing by now!

3 thoughts on “A how to lesson

  • Naoma

    Great blog idea! And lovely new layout by the way. And as to getting strange looks in Portland when walking with Ameena on your back~ they’re just jealous. 😉

  • Stephanie Fitts

    Ann, so fascinating! I’ve been lurking on your blog for some time now and am amazed at your family’s journey. Many prayers that everyone is settling in nicely now that you’re back in Portland.

    I thought you might like to know that there’s a babywearing group that meets at Milagros once per month. I haven’t been myself, but I’ve heard that they are great at helping people figure out the most comfortable way to wear their babe. Love the kanga – and agree on your preference for wearing it on the front! I couldn’t wear my newborns behind me. One year olds, however, are so much better in the back! Thanks for sharing the pics. I may just have to try that kanga sometime soon.

    • mayfamily

      So glad to meet you! I’ve heard of Milagros, might have to check it out here some day, thanks for the info!

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