12 years

This weekend, Ian and I will celebrate being married 12 years!

When we first met, my freshman year of college (his sophomore), I had a boyfriend and he had partying and skiiing. Ian was the bad boy on campus with long (past his shoulders) hair and I was the good girl with permed hair and size 4 jeans.

How things change in 15 years.

I can really say that I love him more today than the day I met him. I have seen remarkable changes and growth in this man since meeting him 15 years ago. He brings out the best in me, and I hope I do the same for him.

In honor of the occasion, Megan has offered to watch the kids overnight so we can have a mini get-a-way!

Bless the woman.

Tonight, we are driving into Nairobi for dinner here:

Then perhaps a movie (my first in a theater in Kenya & we have been here 5 months) here:

We are staying in this awesome hotel, in the cheap room, but still:

I absolutely can’t wait to sit by the pool in the morning and have a lazy breakfast filled only with uninterrupted adult conversation.

I love you and our family Ian!

BTW, I have a lot of trouble getting links to go in right in wordpress, if anyone has a tip, let me know!!

4 thoughts on “12 years

  • Vicki Steele

    Happy anniversary! Enjoy your adult, uninterrupted time together. You definitely deserve some. I love seeing “happy” couples – and you are one!

  • Shari Altree

    Happy Anniversary! You’ll love the Serena and the time alone. I’m so happy you get your time in “Maui” this weekend. Have fun! XO

  • Cindi

    Happy Anniversary!!! Wow, but I still beat you with 17 years. No package as of yet. Congratulations on the new baby.

    love ya

  • Eve

    Hope you guys had a great time. The restaurant looked amazing! I bet it felt weird to leave the kids behind. Much deserved break, though.

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