You’re never too old for….


That’s the name that has been given to the Playdoh the staff worked on making from scratch at the Centre.

We’re working hard to keep costs down and to maximize materials for the kids.

Megan got the project started, and she quickly had the attention of all of the Centre teaching staff who were incredibly curious as to what she was making.  In no time at all, they had all jumped in and were making their own batches:7-16-09 003

In no time at all, an entire collection of playdoh had been made:

7-16-09 002

It is nice for the staff to be able to do some fun things together.  Here they proudly posed with their creations:


7-16-09 004

And then Ian had a little fun:

7-16-09 005

6 thoughts on “You’re never too old for….

  • momma Vic

    That is awesome! I wanna play.

  • Carol Barnum

    Such professional looking staff. And having fun, too. Nice.

  • Cindi

    nice work!!!
    Need any more ideas for free materials just ask. I have a whole book full of cheap ideas for materials.

    • mayfamily

      Bring the ideas on! Got a recipe for Gak??

  • Cindi

    also if you put kool aid in the playdough it smells great.

  • Cindi

    yes I have a recipe for Gak and goop and slime.

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