You know you’ve become a Kenyan when…


It’s 70 degrees or more outside, you have no AC in the house and you sleep like this:

Yes, this is a knit stocking cap and long sleeved pjs on Eli


Makeshift mittens on Lucy's hands aka socks


Yes, those are socks on Eli's hands too. Who started all this craziness? Dad.


Good thing we’re going home in the height of the summer heat, otherwise, these two kids would be forced to dress 3 layers deep!

2 thoughts on “You know you’ve become a Kenyan when…

  • connie clemens

    I can’t tell for sure but it looks like Eli has grown. The grandparents sent a little boy to Kenya and he is returning a schooler! They will be amazed 🙂

  • Anna Goodworth

    so awesome!

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