Who We Are

We are a U.S. based, 100 percent volunteer run organization with the mission of coming alongside talented and passionate individuals who are committed to working with the most vulnerable children within their own communities. We keep projects simple and focused to achieve maximum benefit and sustainability.

Team Bios

Ameena Project is unique.

Ameena Project is focused on coming along side of our sponsored program partners to allow them to carry out their work in their community. We focus on enabling local leaders to do what is right for their community and equipping them to achieve their vision for success. 

Our collective experience, knowledge, and talents make us uniquely suited to leverage small amounts of funding into programs that create dramatic difference in the lives of vulnerable children and families.

We are 100% volunteer run for all U.S. based operations – meaning that every possible penny given goes directly to starting and running our foreign partner projects. 

We cultivate active donor involvement and long term connections. People who support Ameena Project stay connected to our work and the people we serve. Our goal is nothing short of life long relationships that change us all in positive ways.

Since we work exclusively in developing countries with low cost goods and services, a small investment from us can create big changes for our partner programs and the children they serve.


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