Where’s the Beef?

On our new BBQ that is.   Mmm.   We purchased our first steaks while living here in Africa, and decided that they simply had to be grilled out (that’s the Stoughton term for Barbequing).

Only problem is: we don’t have a BBQ.

Ian’s never been one to let that slow him down. We’ve taken stock of the ones available at the supermarket, and really, just couldn’t handle paying what they were asking…just for a little round metal one that you put charcoal in.

So when we got home, Ian set to building himself a BBQ. We have plenty of rock here, so with that and a little baling wire, he had one built in no time:

that's the stone BBQ next to the outside cabinet for our stove's propane tank.

The boys grilling out on Father's Day

The boys grilling out on Father's Day

We can’t wait to have our dinner:  steaks, grilled zucchini and carrots and rice!   Yum.  This beats Nyoma Choma any day.

4 thoughts on “Where’s the Beef?

  • connie clemens

    This will be a Father’s Day you’ll never forget Ian. We spent Easter in Disneyworld once and I remember taking the monorail to church fondly. I’m ready for a steak feed at your place!

  • Cindi

    Hey we are having steak too.

  • Anna

    Eli is wearing the shirt we gave him for his birthday in the photo – yay! You can tell how deep I am: I look at outfits apparently (I’ve been brought into a sick world by my care group). Happy Father’s Day Ian! You are being a father to even more than your own sweet ones!

  • Natalie

    So how did the feast turn out? Great, I’m sure! Miss you all.

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