Henry installing our test light on training day.

No-Power Lighting Project

Many homes in Kiang’ombe, and Kenya in general are made from iron sheets or from mud with grass thatched roofs.  They are simple structures, often without windows or ventilation.  With no electricity and prohibitively expensive alternative light sources, homes can be very dark and dreary during the day.   Living and working without  light can lead to a lack of production and motivation of spirit for parents and children.

As of March 2012, Ameena Project is making a difference.  We’ve trained two local men to build and install No-Power lights and have set them up with the initial business supplies to light up the community.  With a used soda bottle, a scrap of iron sheeting, basic tools, and an ingeniously simple idea they are now installing lights that put out 50 watts:    


In addition to providing a cost-free, no maintenance, continuous source of light during the day, there is another wonderful benefit: dramatically increased home safety.  Commonly used light sources include candles and kerosene lanterns which can be sources of injury and loss to children and their families. 

We think you’ll find this project as exciting as we did upon first seeing it!  Take a look:

YouTube Preview ImageYouTube Preview Image




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