4 thoughts on “What is wrong with this picture?

  • Anna

    your posts are so awesome – “gift with purchase”, noting the different stuff and the stuff going on with you – so thankful – but man – this photo is a keeper…..real heart-warmer – make sure you look at this before you take your next malaria meds

  • rachel

    wow that is scary!

  • Amerika

    Hey, Eve is the carseat officer, not me. (Or am I…) —

    Here are my guesses:
    long-sleeved shirt?
    bloody nose? (or are those boogers)
    men with huge GUNS outside?

    I don’t even see Lucy in the picture. Maybe it’s this computer.

  • Andy the lawn mower

    2 words:
    Hunters Saftey

    Dued, (I spell dude this way for you because you now spell center –centre)
    We got cub scouts w/ better gun safety conscience than the highly trained army men in those parts.

    Then again, maybe they haven’t let these guys use live ammunition yet.

    I pray for your safety.

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