Until now, diapers seemed normal

You know how in the states you just assume that any kid who is NOT potty trained is pretty much in diapers or some type of equivalent?   Silly me for assuming that such would be the case here!

I guess in the program planning here we (or at least I) didn’t consider that there would be little kids wandering around letting nature take it’s course wherever and however….without diapers, or nappies, or underwear.

Let me paint a visual picture for you girlfriends there in Portland with young ones.  Imagine a Portland Public Parks, or Tualatin Hills Parks Play Gym day….with 50 little kids…..all without diapers or underwear!!!  And no experience using toilets.

So, it truly is a miracle that we have not been peed on or pooped on more than we have.  Megan takes the award for actually having a kid poop on her while sitting on her lap.  That whole wet, warm feeling when it shouldn’t be there!!!  I haven’t had the pleasure, just some piddle all over my pants.  I have had the not so awesome pleasure of having to clean up after some kiddos have stood in class and just let loose….wow…I don’t know about you, but I hardly enjoy cleaning up my own kids poo, let alone someone elses when it is all over their pants, their legs, all the way down to their socks and shoes.

With all of that said, these little kids are making amazing progress….in just a few weeks time they have gone from being clueless over how to to use a squat toilet and running wild all messy to being able to walk single file in a cute little duckie type line to the bathroom where they are able to potty and wash appropriately.  That is a great life skill!

So, if you have any grand ideas on how we can move (a whole group of children from the slums whose parents can’t afford diapers, let alone a single nappie or plastic pants) to something more hygienic for all of us, let us know!  We thankfully have some extra baby/toddler clothes on hand here at the center, so we can change them into something clean and dry.  You are all welcome to always send over any used clothes 6months – 4 years on over, they are always put to good use.

2 thoughts on “Until now, diapers seemed normal

  • connie clemens

    I did a little web surfing to see what was out there. The only thing I found that might be an idea are called “elimination communication” techniques. Basically, you give a cue when a baby is peeing,a different cue when she is pooping. Eventually, she will do the deed according to the cue given. That gives the mother time to get to an appropriate spot before the child goes. The mother must be aware of her child’s own cues and the average frequencies at different ages so she provides the frequency needed for her child.

    • mayfamily

      EC….oh it draws such polar reactions from most moms! It also usually allows for kids to go without diapers (ok, we’re already doing that), but you do also have to look for the subtle clues given by kids when they are about to eliminate (getting quiet, going and hiding) and knowing when and what they ate/drank last.

      It was my nightmare cause I’m not really one for random messes on my floors/rugs or elimination in a sink…which can happen with EC but you do get the award for being the first to come up with a possible solution!

      See you in a few weeks!

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