We still enjoy the many packages we receive in the mail.

Most of them are from family (thanks to both moms) and friends (Anna Goodworth again!).

We were surprised this last week however with a package from Jannie Bahrs a woman I have never met, or spoken to!  She happens to be a sponsor of Megan Steele (our volunteer coordinator, also from Portland) and she was kind enough to send us some more kiddie band aids and gum.

Sadly for Megan, the package to us from HER sponsor arrived before her own package.   But now too she has received her first package and is very happy.

Anyhow, thank you to those of you who are contributing to our work here, even if we don’t know you or haven’t met you in person.  Each and every thought, prayer, contribution is appreciated!

Other ways that you can contribute to our work here at Karibu Centre include:

–Volunteering time to Orphans Overseas in Portland, Oregon as they prepare for the annual fund raising auction.  Orphans Overseas accomplishes SO much with just a couple of employees, so manpower is always appreciated!

–Giving a donation of some sort (services, silent auction items, live auction items) for the fundraising auction.

–Attending or hosting a table at the annual fundraising auction (generally held around February each year).

–Coming to Africa to volunteer your time or services for Karibu Centre (and then you are welcome to go off on your own for sightseeing etc!  Really a great opportunity to combine service/pleasure in one trip).

–Donate & ship supplies for use at Karibu Centre.

–Keeping our families health and safety in your daily prayers and thoughts.

–Spreading the word about our work here at Karibu Centre among interested friends and family.


If you are interested in any of the above, feel free to let us know here on the blog, or you can go to the Orphans Overseas link (I think it is labeled as our African hookup) and find listed ways to contact Orphans Overseas staff.

5 thoughts on “Thanks!

  • orphanmama

    Anne! I’m soooo excited. I may have found a solution to the peeing/pooping problem. Go to this link and see how to make a diaper without any sewing.

    I used a boy’s shirt size 14-16. I know I can get free shirts from my old school. That size shirt eliminates the extra fold from the bottom up. All we have to do is buy diaper pins and heavy plastic pants. Washing a t-shirt filled with pee would be quite easy. Poop a little tougher but I would think the moms would do it if that was the only way they could have their kids attend.

    We also get put this together without any manpower which would be nice on such short notice. Let me know what you think.


  • Cindi

    Every year our classroom collects money for the school year and at the end we give it as a donation to an organization of our chosen. This year I would like to give it to the Karibu Centre. Is that ok?
    In return if you can send pics or even have the children draw pictures for my class: so that the children can see what their offerings are going towards. Thank you

    • mayfamily

      That sounds awesome!!! Depending on what they collect…they can help decide what to purchase for the kids at our center and we can take pictures/have them draw something. I think the connections made across the world in caring for each other would be awesome!

      Love you sis!

  • mayfamily

    and just today, 3 more packages from Jannie! Eli and Lucy were jumping up and down, the staff loved the pens and I am stashing some of the hair goodies away for Lucy’s birthday in 2 weeks. Thank you!

  • Eve

    Abby started praying about 2 weeks ago “and please help Eli and Lucy get home safely” to which Ashley adds (every night) “they’re not coming home for another YEAR”. You should be all prayed up for safety by then.

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