We’re riding on Southwest airlines to Boise today.  We hope.  A few good things still about Southwest: 

  1. You still don’t have to pay for your first checked bag.  At some “other” airlines you pay $15-$25 to check.
  2. Free beverage and snack packet (ok, so it might be mini, but it’s a packet!)…no meals, so of course you don’t pay!
  3. Just $50 for an oversized bag!  What a bargain!  Delta, American and Hawaiian are going all out with $150 and more each way.  Those gas prices….
  4. No pets allowed….again no fee!
  5. Free unaccompanied minors.  Awesome, you can send you kids away without added cost.  Watch out, Delta, US Airways and United will cost you an extra $99/$100.  Sorry Erika, had to include United in that one.


One thought on “Southwest

  • Er

    Some airline I know intimately tried to jack the UM fee up to $150. However, that little increased was cancelled. Sorry, I haven’t caught up on your blog lately, I’VE BEEN WORKING…at said airline…

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