Self Portrait

I had a post on facebook a while back about Eli’s self portrait drawing done at school.  It’s a pretty accurate drawing, except for the skin color.  When I asked him why he made himself black, he corrected me saying, “Mom!  I’m not black, I’m dark brown!”  If only he had seen his class picture that I had just received finally from the school.  A sea of light, medium, dark brown AND black……and a smidge of quite white.  Him.  Love that boy.

like the official class photo we received

4 thoughts on “Self Portrait

  • Eve

    I LOVE it! You’ve gotta bring that picture home for the scrapbook. (that I’m sure you’ve been keeping up there). 🙂

  • Carol

    Such memories for “babes!”


    And black hair!!! Love it.

  • Terry

    Eli, the American African! Can’t wait to see you dudes.

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