Random Bus Decorations

Today I looked up and saw a bus with the most random collection of decorations I’ve seen yet.  The whole thing is painted  bright red and yellow.  On the back it says the following:  “Mexico City” then below that “Red Hot Cake” then below that a huge picture of Osama Bin Laden, then on the huge mudflap something in Arabic with the word Allah in the middle.  The side of the bus is decorated with decals that said “Hater-Aid, the Suck Quencher”  and some random ad for a store alternating down the whole thing.  Then there is an American flag flying from the antena up front.  I was definitely entertained trying to decode the message.  Any ideas?  I’m still stumped.  Ian

2 thoughts on “Random Bus Decorations

  • connie clemens

    Here’s my guess… Just like Goodwill sends its old inventory to Africa for resale there, I bet special auto dealers send boatloads of old inventory to Africa too. Why else would one say Mexico City?

  • connie clemens

    The part that really puzzled me was “hateraid…” so I googled it and found a definition for it in the urban dictionary- something you give somebody so they aren’t hating people” but I think the bus might have been advertising a mixed cocktail made with Absolut “Hateraid”. Making money wins out over social consciousness any day- Africa or the U.S.

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