Passing time

I bet it’s hard to imagine living somewhere where it is pretty much the same kind of weather year round.  I had a hard time imagining it when I lived in Portland.

Because it is  generally between 70-80 degrees year round here in Kenya give or take 10 degrees in their summer and winter, we encourage the kids to be outside…..when there is something safe for them to do.

We miss our lovely Portland park system.

In an attempt to have more fun time outside, I asked Ian to put up a rope swing out behind our house for the kids.  He, as usual, was happy to oblige and work on the project.

Here is the result, a few weeks before Christmas:

Even baby gets to try out the swing

Beautiful Kenyan summer evening

Eli decided it was more fun to try and knock Lucy's baby off the swing as it came by. Here, he is finally caught by Megan after dodging back and forth behind the tree

Even Megan had to take a turn on the swing

2 thoughts on “Passing time

  • naoma

    Hi Anne! It was fun to see your comment on my blog…I’ve been wondering how to get ahold of you. Don’t know if you read my post called “Brunch” but your family is one of the 4 I referred to wanting to have over! Consider yourself invited via the blog-o-spere.

    I’ve saved your blog address to ones that I follow. Look forward to reading more. =)

  • Anna

    can’t believe your kids are so stylish so far away – impressive

    Megan seems so amazing

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