12 thoughts on “Only in Africa

  • Bonita

    Ian, do you remember when you so wanted the Hedgehog at the pet store? Too bad Anne wouldn’t let you have one either. Must be a “mom thing.” How does the school with all its lovely grass keep the snakes off campus? Eli, Grandma wants you to be super careful watching not to catch Lucia’s fingers when you shut you beautiful new metal trunk. I am confident that God who began a good work in you – Anne, Ian, Eli and Lucia – will bring it to completion. You will be a great blessing to so many there as you are here. Do you look forward to comments as much as we your post?

    • mayfamily

      Yes we do look forward to the comments, probably more than you. 🙂

  • Lynn Persinger

    I am so enjoying reading about your adventures in Kenya. Keep them up; so many of us are living the adventure through your blog! I am praying for your family.

  • Cindi

    Hedgehogs make great pets our neighbor had one he was so cute and kind

  • Eve

    He looks very cute, but I might think otherwise if he was in my house.

  • Amy Patton

    I just wanted to let you guys know I am now stalking you via this blog on a regular basis. And since I’m here I might as well be praying for you too 🙂

    God bless your work in Kenya! Thanks for keeping us all posted on your progress.

  • Jenn

    Love Love Love it all. Anne, I pray HARD for you. Man that bug therapy thing is tough. That spider picture alone is going to give me nightmares. You are a tough bunch, glad to know things are coming together….all part of the Big Man’s plan. I can send you some of my accounting homework to help me with? It will quickly pass the time and still you will have nothing to show for it :). It rained a ton here today, not the same, very cold. My melanoma scar is FINALLY healing. I am back to training…did 22 miles on the bike today and going for 22 bike and 5 run again this weekend…thinking of you all…give everyone hugs.

  • connie clemens

    What have you learned about this little guy? Native wildlife? Escaped pet? Too cute!

  • andy

    Woot, cool looking hedgehog. Does that little guy eat bugs or no? I will keep praying for you guys over in Kenya! If you need anything from us, don’t hesitate to ask. Nice work on the daily updates!

  • Cindi

    Keep the pictures coming Alek really enjoys seeing his cousins and Brian and I enjoy seeing what you all are up to. Can we send you guys a card?

  • Anna

    so so excited about the school! will be praying it works out and ready for action in anyway when you need us for any extra fundraising

  • Bonita

    I am trying to find the configuration of your compound on Google Earth. Do I take A2 NE out of Thika toward Kabati? You are 3-4 miles outside of Thika so how far is Kabati from you. Anne, I think you said you were on the left hand side of the road. Would be interesting if you would look at Google Earth and give us landmarks to help find you on this beautiful blue marble. There must be a group of buildings since you can see the Salvation Army Officer Training School and the school you are considering for Eli and Lucia must be near if they will pick up at your front gate. Looked for your cow – couldn’t her!!

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