I am not lost

Habari ya siku mingi!  Do you remember me posting in the past of the Kenyan saying, “You’ve been lost” when you haven’t visited someone for a long time?

Well, I know that I haven’t visited my blog much in the last few weeks, but rest assured, I am not lost from it.

Life has been chaotic.

Moving three kids under 5 years half way across the world, quite literally, took a lot out of this momma & poor Ian who had his back go out just as he sat down on the plane for our awesome 16 HOUR flight from Dubai to San Fran.   Can you imagine anything more torturous?  How bout the fact that the airline seated us separately, so Ian had both kids while I was seated alone with the baby.  Not ideal for either of us.

Saying a difficult goodbye to my dear Kenyan friends whom I have seen day, after day, after day was and still is hard.  While the work was hard, I still do miss that knock on our door at 9pm, the girls coming to beg some sweets from Ian, seeing Ruben love on my flower garden, having Patrick give me a hearty wave to say Habari Asubuhi, and all of the rest of the sweet ways the staff and residents loved on our family.

Moving back home to a crazy, rushed and chaotic world is taxing on the system and the soul.  Poor Ian had to soothe himself with some rice and beans right away.  Eli says Asante Sana to the checker at New Seasons and wonders why she doesn’t appreciate that he’s thanked her for the sticker she gave him, Lucy tries to navigate coming  into what pretty much is a 2nd culture for her…..we left for Kenya when she was just TWO years old!  Poor thing can’t figure why we aren’t paying the police, putting trash in pits in the yard or waiting for the water to heat before it comes out of the tap.

And then there is sweet baby Ameena.  My wonderful Kenyan gift.  A daily reminder of our amazing midlife adventure.

I’ll post soon.  I have so many thoughts swirling in my mind.  So many things I want to share.

I’m processing.






Praying that I’ll have the faith and wisdom  to listen to what God has in store for our family, and that I’ll be obedient in my answer.

7 thoughts on “I am not lost

  • Eve

    We are so glad to have you home, friend! I can’t imagine the adjustment that goes on in your mind – being torn between here and there. The vast differences. I appreciate you sharing your journey with us though. It’s an amazing story!

  • Carol

    I cannot tell you how much my heart swells with appreciation and even pride in the huge adventure you have undertaken. Healing and adjustment to change do take so much time and intention. You will swim out of that lake of unattachment feelings. And we are always anchored in our Lord. I think I will return the Bridges/Transitions book to you….sometime pretty soon. Love you ALL.

  • connie clemens

    One more item to add to your transition package… Indian butter chicken at Trader Joe’s! Have you tried it? Want some? How was the Tusker? 🙂

    • mayfamily

      Mmmmm!  The Tusker was everything I hoped it would be!

  • Rosemary Zook

    I have so enjoyed reading your blog, am amazed at your past year +, in awe at all you have done. You truly have been the hands and feet of God to the incredible people of Thika, esp the women and the babies. Allow yourself time to adjust before you rejoin our super fast paced world. You will be forever blessed and changed because of your generosity to others. Thanks so much for sharing the adventure with us!!

  • natalie

    Glad you are back and hope the transition goes as smooth as can be expected 🙂

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