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Our Promise


How Ameena Project is Different: Our Promise to Donors

Cultural Competence
We respect the culture and traditions of the local communities where Ameena Project sponsored programs are. We focus on coming along side our sponsored program partners to allow them to carry out their work in their community. Empowering local leaders to be able to do what is right for their community is our goal. We recognize that local solutions are best for local problems.  

Ameena Project strives for simplicity in all operations and management procedures to maximize direct benefit to sponsored programs. Keeping things simple and focused allows us to partner with our sponsored programs in powerful ways, costing much less that the average US based non-profit. Simplicity is the key to keeping your donated dollar maximized and hard-at-work helping these children.

We leverage all financial support getting the biggest impact per dollar spent. We carefully evaluate all domestic operations to minimize needless expenses. We also critically evaluate all foreign programs sponsored by Ameena Project to ensure efficient operations and fiscal accountability. In all things we ask ourselves “does this achieve our mission in the simplest and most efficient way possible?”   

Supporters of Ameena Project have the right to know exactly how we use donated funds and how we make financial decisions. We believe that regular communication with supporters is crucial to developing a vibrant giving community who feel deeply invested in our work and committed to continued involvement.  

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