Today at an outdoor shopping mall I was walking a short distance behind a 3-4 year old girl, and 2 women (I’m guessing her mom and her aunt) who were chatting away.  ALL of a sudden, the little girl bends down and grabs at a huge gob of fresh blue gum stuck to the sidewalk and lifts it up to her mouth….with a string all of the way from her mouth to the sidewalk….that’s right the gum remained stuck to the sidewalk and yet was in her mouth.  At the same moment as I audibly went “UGH”, a couple walking the other direction saw her do this and mouthed, “Did you see that?”  The two women were oblivious to what happened.  The little girl walked off chewing a chunk of blue gum.  It was easily the grossest thing I witnessed today.  In that spirit, here are some other gross gum moments:

If I had had my camera with me today it easily would have been up there in the gross factor with these pictures I found on google.

One thought on “GUM

  • JJ Klein

    How Cow! That is hilarious!!

    BTW, will you guys be in town between the 30th to the 5th of Jan? I’ll be making a trip up to PDX…..

    Loved your pediatrician’s website, too! I forwarded it to my bro, who is expecting a girl this spring. Wish I lived close enough to bring MY kids to him…..

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