I *heart* eggnog

It was one sad fact of being pregnant with gestational diabetes….not being able to have eggnog….but one good fact about being in Kenya….because it wasn’t available!!

Until now.

My brother must have heard my wish for an eggnog product because his Christmas package just arrived here in Kenya (it was sent off 12/12/09 btw)….and included were a few eggnog products for me.


For my brother:

Who has a bathroom scrub named after them? Seriously.



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3 Responses to “I *heart* eggnog”
  1. Bonita May says:

    One of the things in the “lost” duffel bag was eggnog mix from Starbucks. Sorry about a lot of lost stuff. I hope whoever has the bag is appreciative. Ian said the 12/15/09 box arrived so we are still waiting for one more in the mail? Did the kids shoes make it in one of the boxes? Can’t remember which one I put them in.

    • mayfamily says:

      I hope whoever has that bag likes those things too!!!  The box that arrived yesterday had the eggnog biscotti in it and I just had one with my coffee…yum!  The box with the kids shoes hasn’t made it, but it should be here any day now…I think we are waiting for 2 still.  1 at Thika, another at Madaraka.

  2. Will and Gail Cook says:

    Hi Anne. I am sure Will would rather eat paint but I also LOVE EGGNOG – mostly in the form of eggnog lattes. Seriously one of the greatest parts of the holidays for me (and the birth of Christ – of course)!
    What a treat for you to get the packages – and a little frustrating to not have the mail be “efficient.” Hopefully you can enjoy some of your treats – even in small amounts.

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