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Ever since being about 9 weeks pregnant, and having a second ultrasound that showed that there was actually a baby in there, and that we were not in the middle of our 3rd miscarriage in a row, I have waited for this day.

I briefly considered being amazing like some of my friends and waiting until the day of birth to find out the gender of this baby.  But really, who was I kidding??  I haven’t ever made it through a birthday or Christmas without knowing some of my presents and I’m not gonna make it 9 and some old months through nausea, puking, back pain, stretch marks and other awesome pregnancy related happenings to find out the gender of who I’m gonna meet.  These kids of mine have plenty of personality to keep me surprised the rest of my life!

So, the day finally came this week.  The gender ultrasound.  Or at least that’s what it was to me.  My order read “20 week anomaly scan” and my doctor referred me to a different hospital that houses a more sensitive sonograph machine.

We arrived early in the morning to the walk-in ultrasound clinic and were promptly received and  routed to a waiting room.  Eli, Lucy, daddy and I waited.  Eli and Lucy were GRUMPS with a capital “G” from about the moment they climbed into the car in Thika.   Not quite what I had envisioned for “our” happy day, but I rolled with it.

Here we are with the doctor, as he was reading the ultrasound.  I have never had such a detailed ultrasound through these last 4 pregnancies and 2 births.  It was kind of cool.  He looked at the different portions of the brain, measured leg and arm bones, checked for the nose bone, ruled out cleft palate, identified the 4 chambers of the heart, ensured that all of the organs were inside the body and checked the spine to make sure that the neural tube was complete and closed.  It was really cool!

Looking at the different parts of the baby's brain


And, being quite skilled at his craft, he kept the suspense of the gender to the very end, and then pointed out 2 lines, identifying them as “f.g.”  Huh??  I was thinking for sure, those must boy parts hanging around there.  And now that I think  about it, I remember thinking the same thing during the ultrasound for Lucy.  Nope no boy parts there.  Those lines were female genitalia, as the doctor  very quietly said, “Girl”. 

For sure I thought we’d get a great reaction out of Lucy who had been rooting for a partner in crime since finding out that there is a baby rolling around in my tummy.  Just a slight grin and head turn from her.  Eli just sat  blank stared.  He’s in shock over the fact that there will be 2 little girls to deal with.  He seemed much cheered by my telling him that he was all the more special for being “the only boy” and that for sure this new little sister wouldn’t want to steal his toys…..she’d for certain go after Lucy’s toys.  Now he’s back to his usual self!

Everything looks great, I feel great, and it was exciting to see this new little one.

Here is a picture of the baby  in the 3D mode of the ultrasound.  Here, it looks a bit like that cartoon from the 80’s:  Skeletor, but you can see her holding her hand up to her face.  When we saw the picture at first, Ian exclaimed that the baby, “Looks like your brother Andy!” and I said, “Wow, it has big lips like Eli did!”  I can’t wait to see how she changes and develops between now and 2 months from now when I go back for another scan.

a side view of the baby's head on the left, with the arm and hand on the forehead on the right


Thank you to all of you who have shared in this long baby journey with us that began before Africa and will continue long after.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

6 thoughts on “Baby News

  • connie clemens

    Although I was expecting my little girl nearly 30 years ago, I remember that joy and anticipation clearly. I am so happy for you Anne!

  • Vicki Steele

    So cool! You should have a house full – you would never be bored in life – ha! (Actually you probably would never be bored with the two you have now!) They keep me amused. Congrats on the baby “girl”.

  • Karen

    Congrats!!! Such wonderful news– to hear that everything is healthy and strong is such a gift. My baby girl is waving to yours, in utero of course.

    After our ultrasound Sam actually CRIED in the car on the way home because one sister is bad enough as it is.

    • mayfamily

      You made me laugh!!! Glad to hear that the feeling of little sisters is somewhat universal…

      Love reading how you are doing, being just a few weeks apart. So many things I can identify with in your blog, thanks for speaking the reality of motherhood.

  • Bonita May

    It took me a minute to orient to the face/arm picture but when I saw her sweet little face I went “Oh my gosh, she looks like Lucia and Eli!” Andy you have another one coming that looks like you or so this old grandma thinks:) Can hardly wait! For unto us a child is born – thank you Jesus for this little one, too. What a wonder Christmas gift Anne. Thanks for sharing!

  • MoDLin

    Glad to hear that everything is developing normally and your little one looks great. BTW – girls rule! 🙂

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