Argggh, bills and technology or notI

When I went to part-time work outside the home instead of full-time, we agreed in our house that I would take care of the bills.  Seemed like an ok agreement.

I’ve done pretty well..not too many overdrafts or late payments because I’ve been lazy or didn’t have a stamp to mail in the payment (before I signed up for on-line bill pay that is).

But since the new year, something is amiss.

I’ve messed up the on-line bill pay 2 months in a row.  Was I smart enough to print the little confirmation page the bank tells you to print & save as confirmation of payment.  NO. 

The first sign of something amiss should have been Ian and I both commenting that there seemed to be more money in our savings, like it was growing rather than getting depleted with bill payments.  I think there was even a comment about God blessing us in hard times (which he has & does, just not in this case).

Any who….Of course there is a lot of money in your bank account when the bills don’t get paid!!!  Ding! 

To make matters worse, I commented to my friend Eve that I needed to get the taxes done, but was waiting on the tithe statement from the church.  She said she got hers weeks ago.  I got a sinking feeling in my stomach.  We have all of our tithe go into a tithe account during the year, and then I write one big check at the end of the year.  This last year I waited until 5pm on Dec. 31st and ran it by the church office.  They assured me it would get in.  

Cue today.  I checked the savings, the check was never cashed.  I’m a little uneasy about where all that money might be wandering.  One thing I’m sure of, it won’t be getting counted under “2008 charitable giving” on my taxes.

Eve reminded me of last year when I mistakenly donated our tax kicker check to the School Fund.  It was like $1500 or some crazy amount like that.  I hope this isn’t becoming a theme for me every January & February.

I’m thinking that I might need to turn over the money duties to Ian.  For the sake of our credit history and sanity.

What do you think?



2 thoughts on “Argggh, bills and technology or notI

  • Eve

    Dude – I have to laugh although it really isn’t funny. Ok, it’s a little funny. There are so many comments I could make, but I bet you are feeling bad enough so I will leave it. Can I just say one thing though – Dec 31st at 5pm??? Sorry dude.

    • mayfamily

      Funny, I was looking through my files as I was doing taxes and I noticed that the year before I paid the tithe check on December 30th. I’m lucky something didn’t happen with that check too!! Note to self, pay year tithe check at the beginning of December!!!

      One good thing. It’s gonna look like we are tithing the big bucks in 2009 what with all of the money from 2008 added in!

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