This weekend ultra-endurance athlete Christian Isakson put on three events to raise funds and awareness about Ameena Project.  It was a whirlwind at times and was truly humbling to watch him pour himself into each individual event and each person who attended.  Ameena Project people were there in the background and left deeply grateful for Christian, his friends at More Than Sport, and the remarkable way Friends of Ameena have been woven together to make it all possible.  Two worlds crashed into each other in the best of ways.  Elite athletes who live in the spotlight turned that light in another direction to light up the lives of some of the most needy and forgotten children in our world.   They explained that the real champions serve others and challenged everyone to courageously take risks and find their own place to do more.  We are all built to win.  We are all built for greatness.  We live out our innate purpose when we put our needs aside to help another.  Listen to Christian express how sport and service come together in his life:   Christian’s Thoughts




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Christian Isakson, an emergency medical technician in Hillsboro who also competes as an endurance athlete, joins multiple Ironman champion Chris Lieto at Beaverton’s Farmington Gardens Nursery on Saturday to raise awareness and funds for Ameena Project.

The event, which is free, will take place from 3-5 p.m. Saturday.

The list of Lieto and Isakson’s sporting accomplishments are long and prestigious. Lieto, a professional triathlete, has the reputation for being the fastest cyclist in his sport. He holds the current bike course record for the 2005 Ironman Canada, and his highest placement in the Ironman World Championship was 2nd in 2009. Isakson most recently placed 4th at Ultraman Canada 2013. Previously he placed 5th at the Ultraman World Championship and was an Epic 5 finisher and multiple Ironman finisher.

Using Lieto’s More than Sport charity effort as a platform, they will share their mission to combine the efforts of sport and endurance with passion for change and take questions on their current training and athletic endeavors. An EMT at Hillsboro Fire Station 5, Isakson will also share powerful stories from his recent trip to Kenya with Ameena Project where he used his training and expertise to treat 80 members of the Kiang’ombe community.

“This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in something simple and unquestionably good: raising funds to support Ameena Project mission to provide regular nourishment, academic instruction, and structured social activity —privileges most children in the western world enjoy —to children in extreme poverty,” Isakson said.

Providing these three basic elements of healthy development is the focus of the Ameena Project and their Ameena Centre and school located in Kiang’ombe, Kenya.

“The difference being made by a small group of people here in the Pacific Northwest and Ameena Project is phenomenal,” Lieto said. “I’m so pleased to join my friend Christian in his hometown, and to come alongside Ameena Project to raise awareness and introduce Ameena Project to the Portland community.”

Funds raised will go toward Ameena Project plans to secure a plot of land for a school and future medical clinic, and for More Than Sport to ensure its growth, enabling athletes to make change around the world possible.

By Jeff Smith. Article from Hillsboro Argus.

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