Collateral Impact

We had a wonderful evening debriefing with Megan Steele Friday night and it was so great to hear her report on the Kiang’ombe feeding / preschool program.  In short, things are going remarkably well and the children and community are deeply grateful for the huge impact they are seeing.  Megan is putting together some inspiring [...]

On the Mend

After two weeks in East Africa Megan Steele ended up catching something and has been so sick we’ve hardly heard from her.   Looks like she is doing a little better now because she posted some pics on FB and I was so excited to see them that I stole a few to share here.  I [...]

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Spotlight #1

At Ameena Project we strive to be volunteer run and sustained.  At times, this makes it more difficult to get things done, but, we have also found that allowing others to gift with their talents and finances is a blessing to us and them!   Today we want to take a moment to introduce you [...]

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