At times it feels like the core group of 4 involved in starting Ameena Project live and breathe it.  Because of this, at times, we forget to let the rest of you know all of the things we ponder over, discuss and experience in our times together.  We also are working hard to slow down and invite you into the stories of how it is impacting each of us, but more importantly, the communities we are working with.

Here are some of the thoughts and ideas that we come back to, every time we meet here in the US to discuss the details of Ameena Project:

  1.  We do this because it powerfully impacts very needy children and because we can.  For whatever reason we are in the position to be able to do this kind of work!  So, we either do, or do not.  A simple choice. 
  2. This work is so important that all US-based operations can and should be 100% volunteer run.  All donated money should be used to benefit foreign partner programs and the children they serve. 
  3. People desire to be involved in something simple and powerfulEveryone  has something to give, and people want to know that their time, talents and donations make a difference

It has been an amazing process as we watch many ideas come to life and take shape.  None of us are rich by American standards.   We all work every day to support ourselves, and our families,  and we all still live our regular lives in our regular neighborhoods.   However, volunteers sacrificing a little time, a little money, and a little bit of our various talents has resulted in something remarkable and life changing for the community of Kiang’ombe. 

At the end of March, Ian and Anne will travel to Kenya to work directly with staff, solidify relationships within the community, and gather information on how to partner with this community in a lasting & empowering way.  If you were wondering, no donated funds will be used for any of their travel expenses, they and other volunteers pay their own way to keep donated dollars hard  at work.  

Whenever possible, we desire to buy and use the labor within the countries we work in. But, in communicating with Kenyan staff, there are supplies and materials that would benefit the school of Kiang’ombe that can not be obtained in Kenya, or are prohibitively expensive.  We know that shopping and looking for bargains is a talent for many of you—and want to enlist your help!  There simply is an abundance of  used and new objects that we can find Here that will be of immense value There. We hope to use four 50lb suitcases to take materials to Kenya with us.  In the next little while, we’ll have a wish list posted here on the blog.  We are excited to see what you all might come up with to bless these teachers and children.




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After two short weeks, our Kiang’ombe school is full to capacity and things are going better than we had ever expected.  Mercy and Hillary held a parent meeting on Monday to both check in on how everyone feels things are going and to continue to educate the community on the program and how they can best support their childrens’ success.  All of the local elders showed up along with 45 parents and community members.   Everyone is very supportive of the program, grateful for the opportunity, and feeling a new sense of hope for their children and the community as a whole.  

They also began discussing how Ameena Project might be able to further support  positive change for Kiang’ombe families in the future.  Some of the community’s ideas for what they need are:  HIV/Aids education, education in rabbit rearing, vocational training, adult basic literacy education, and mentoring for parents to help motivate and encourage them to create positive changes for their lives.    These are great ideas to think about and develop together over the next year.   For now,  we are focused on effectively implementing the school and working out efficient, sustainable operations there. 

Already,  Ameena Project  is inspiring the community of Kiang’ombe to discuss and dream about creative solutions to the many challenges they face.  Our Mission in action. 

 Take a look:



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It’s aLIVE!

With much anticipation and after hundreds of volunteer hours, I am so pleased and honored to announce that the website for Ameena Project is up and running!

We encourage you to tour this site!  You’ll find a lot more detail about Ameena Project including background information, our mission and some of the core values driving the way we work.  You’ll also be able to learn more about many of the people involved in facilitating Ameena Project, and the volunteers who have helped it get past the dreaming stages!

You’ll also see that there is a nice tab linking to the Mayfamily blog (what you are now reading!) located within the webpage.  While you can still get our blog updates the old fashioned way through, we wanted to make it easy to obtain information all in one location too–so now you can access it via the webpage as well!   We will continue to share in depth information about our projects on the blog, and you’ll be able to get regular, short snippets of information via our Facebook page.

If you have comments, or wish to be on a regular email/snail mail list, leave your contact information at the bottom of the webpage (not here on the blog) under the contact area, and we’ll get back to you.






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