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Here’s what we’ve been working for in Kenya.  Watching this video makes me realize how grateful I am to have played a part in all of this.  In spite of all the seemingly negative or difficult parts of the last two years of our life, I’ve never had single a moment of regret.  So thankful [...]

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In our hunt to find the cheapest yet safest flight home from Kenya we happened upon a stay over in Dubai. We as in Erika Lee mentioned it, it sounded like  a fabulous idea that saved thousands even with a 2 night hotel stay over, we booked it! I didn’t know much about Dubai except [...]

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Leaving Kenya

  After the big goodbye party, and my “garage sale” and cleaning the house thoroughly, the day of our departure finally arrived.  The whole week before Ian was pestered by staff about the necessity of them giving us a “push” to the airport.  We TRIED to let them know that it really wasn’t NECCESSARY for everyone [...]

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Mama Eli’s Duka aka “my Kenyan garage sale”

 So months before our departure from Kenya I told Ian that I had hatched a fabulous plan that would allow us to fairly distribute all of the things we had accumulated that would not be returning to the US in our alloted 8 suitcases. That’s right.  No shipping things home.  I’m about reducing and recycling [...]

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