The morgue

If you’re a facebooker and follow the Karibu Centre posts or see my status updates then you will know that on Monday we got the devastating news that one of our vulnerable pregnant moms had a nonviable baby. She was 40 weeks when she got the diagnosis, a day away from her estimated due date.  She had felt the [...]

Ticket please

We’ve lived here in Kenya now for almost 14 months. I’ve been to the different markets here in Thika plenty.  So much so that the locals all know me and I’m old news.  Gone are the days when everyone would turn and stare, call Mazungu, or try to charge me insane prices for items. But then [...]

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  Ian has always had a special relationship with his hair.  He won’t admit it though.  When I met him in college he had long straight hair that went past his shoulders.  I used to watch him mess with it during chapel.  He’d pull it back into a ponytail and flip it up and down [...]

You know you’ve become a Kenyan when…

  It’s 70 degrees or more outside, you have no AC in the house and you sleep like this:       Good thing we’re going home in the height of the summer heat, otherwise, these two kids would be forced to dress 3 layers deep! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook [...]

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That place

Yesterday Eli asked us, “Do you think when we get back to Oregon we can go to that place that has hamburgers and toys?” Uh, you mean McDonald’s? Wow, 4 full years of indoctrination from television, weekly visits with grandma/grandpa (ok, I take him too)  and almost daily drive-bys have taken a full year to [...]

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This shouldn’t happen in 2010

Ian informed me last night that my last 4 blogs have been about the baby and that people might get bored. I don’t know  if you have realized, but our blog is generally pretty lighthearted.  We’ve tried to keep it about our personal experience, and still, there is so much that we witness and experience here [...]

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Stolen from Erika’s blog cuz I’m lazy & have a newborn….

Wow, I can’t  believe I was actually able to copy and paste her entire blog!  Could this be a trend?  She might not appreciate that, but darn, she’s such a good writer!  Erika actually left for the airport 2 hours ago, as today is Monday and already I am missing our plotting and planning for [...]

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America’s in the house!

My wonderful friend Erika arrived this last Monday for a week long stay to visit and help out with the new baby. We fondly refer to her as “America” because Eli and Lucy would say SOOOO often when they were smaller, “Um, Erika….” followed by a million different questions or requests.  So now, she pretty [...]

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