baby visit

So my wonderful doctor that I have been seeing at Aga Khan hospital hails from Goa, India. This explains why upon first meeting her I thought she might be Spanish (she is actually of Portuguese heritage) She took leave from her practice a bit over a month ago to go help her mother who broke [...]

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I don’t know what to call this post.

Ian here.  I’m not into Taoism at all, but I do read a lot of different stuff and I know wisdom when I read it.  Lao-Tzu, considered the father of Taoist philosophy said “He who knows he has enough is rich”.  That quote inspired to go outside the other day, sit alone, and think.  After [...]

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Baby Aurelio

Baby Aurelio (I’m sure I’m spelling it wrong, but you get my gist) and Mama Aurelio, Joyce, have been visiting our home twice a day since last Saturday as the antibiotic for his pneumonia needs to be refrigerated. We are happy to see Joyce and this sweet little boy so much! Yesterday Mama  Aurelio  took [...]

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Baby Paperwork…..

So, my friend Eve asked if we would have to get a passport for the baby once it is born in order to come back to the US with her. And yes we will.  First, we’ll go to the US Embassy with the record of birth given to me by the hospital this sweet little [...]

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Perspective continued.

So, having seen this little baby with the dent in the head, I came home and did what any of you would have done. I googled. And, I didn’t really find much.   At that point, I was working under the assumption that this baby was born with a congenital defect that caused it to be [...]

To put it all in perspective….

One of the things I really enjoy about being here at Karibu Centre is taking the women in to the hospital when they are going into labor. It works out this way because only Ian and I are able to drive the  Centre van, and often, it just seems better to have me walking into [...]


….are the best, especially when it’s for your kids at a friend’s house.  Friends from church offered to take the kids this last Friday night and I jumped all over that.  I got right on the web, and found a weekend special deal at , a much better deal than I would have found anywhere [...]

Book me

Not at the police station mind you, I think Ian’s had more than enough interaction with the police for all of us. No, instead, I am finally getting around to taking my “booking slip” in the hospital today. I should have done it 3 weeks ago. But I have to take my wallet with me, [...]

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An afternoon….

I’m guessing that at times it might be hard to imagine what life over here is like. At least that’s my guess since I really had very little idea of what to expect before we come over.  I thought I was pretty prepared with my expectations as I’d taken work and witness mission trips in high [...]

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That Time of Year Again!

Seems like any time is a good time for a goat BBQ around here.  Warning, this is not a veggie friendly post (or a veggie friendly county for that matter) so reader beware.   Easter is here and it seems the appropriate thing is to roast a goat, so I felt obliged to have it here at the [...]

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