Baby bump

Some of you at home have been asking me to send you pictures of the bump known as little Miss May. So, at 30 weeks, this is what she’s looking like.  Perspective and clothing can make a big difference in the “bump” looking small or huge in my opinion…the last shot making her look huge, [...]

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DeJa Vu

Today Ian and I had a conversation that I am almost positive we had before Eli was born. It has to do with the baby’s sleeping arrangements. Before Eli was born, I had THE most difficult time justifying why we needed a cradle (borrowed) for him.  Ian was empathic that we could just use a [...]

My little watchdogs

Eli, who is  4 years old (5 in May) is a very perceptive boy.  He takes note of a lot that goes on around him, and of what is said. He is apparently very aware of my gestational diabetes, because while eating some candy yesterday, he informed me, “This is very bad for you huh [...]

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Shine, shine, shine.

I’m reading many posts on facebook about people enjoying the sunny weather in Portland…and it got me to thinking a bit about the weather here.  I always have wanted to live in a warm climated area, so I could wear summer clothes year round and have a tan…’s my chance. For the most part,we have beautiful weather [...]

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An interesting observation made in the 10 months our family has now lived in Kenya is that Kenyans generally stick to a diet consisting of a few favorite foods. One of these foods is Ugali.  Pronounced oo-ga-ly. Tito, the Centre security guard, says he can’t live without Ugali.  I think that is the sentiment expressed [...]

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Baby pics!

Yesterday, since I was already in Nairobi for another errand, I decided to go ahead with my drop-in ultrasound that my OB/GYN had written orders for a few weeks ago. Looks like baby girl May is growing along just fine, with no worries to report.  She is right on track for 28 weeks, 5 days [...]

3AM blogs are just wrong….

Well, I tried to chat up my friend, Erika Lee, on facebook since it is about 4:30pm in Portland, Oregon and 3:30 am here in Thika, Kenya….but she must have more pressing matters on her hands like kid pick up from the bus stop, and homework, and diabetes snack time etc. etc.!  So, you get a [...]

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I *heart* eggnog

It was one sad fact of being pregnant with gestational diabetes….not being able to have eggnog….but one good fact about being in Kenya….because it wasn’t available!! Until now. My brother must have heard my wish for an eggnog product because his Christmas package just arrived here in Kenya (it was sent off 12/12/09 btw)….and included [...]

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Awesome volunteer award!

We had a retired school teacher come to visit Karibu Centre from Portland, Oregon.  This was Connie’s 5th trip to Kenya.  She’s becoming quite the pro….pretty able to handle the smells, and sights, and people.  But she still needs that Starbucks coffee fix in the morning!  Some things take awhile to take out of the [...]

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I sent Lucy to the bathroom after lunch to wash her hands and face. She came out saying, “Mom, is there blood on my face?” Before looking at her, I thought to myself, oh, she must see the residue of the strawberries she ate for lunch. Nope. Her upper lip was bleeding, and despite a [...]

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