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Good byes aren’t fun, especially when very good friends come for a visit and are getting ready to leave.  We had a fabulous time with Rhett & Erika Lee, close friends of ours from Portland, Oregon.    Erika and Rhett both grew up in Hawaii, so much of what we see everyday in Kenya that [...]

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We have some random moments here, things can get interesting when you have to get creative for entertainment.  Today Eli found a sweet kimono like outfit among some donated clothes and wore it all afternoon.  Tonight in honor of uncle Andy, Eli showed us some of his sweet “Krairate” moves.  Here’s a few pics, enjoy….we did.  [...]

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Kid fun

Eli and Lucy had a wonderful time while our friends the Lees visited.  Here is a picture tour of their time: a 2nd visit to the airport to pick up Rhett and Erika’s bags that finally arrived! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it [...]

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Tea Time

I’ve been hearing about the Kiambethu Farm http://www.kiambethufarm.co.ke/ for quite some time.   I have never really known what to expect, but I knew the minute that our friends Rhett and Erika confirmed that they were coming to Kenya, that we would have to go. A kid free, adult outing.  Exciting. Kiambethu Farm is located in Limuru, [...]

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The Best Laid Plans

can easily be turned upside down in Kenya. Take Day 4 of the Tour.  This was supposed to be our agenda:  Giraffe Park & Amani Ya Juu. Our agenda changed into:  Airport, Salvation Army Headquarters to take care of business & Amani Ya Juu. Erika and Rhett got a call that 3 of their 4 [...]

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Tour Guide: Day 2 & 3

What happened?  Didn’t day 2 and 3 happen a while ago?  Yes. Mmmm, I’m lazy. Day 2 happened. We (Ian, I, Rhett, Erika and Lucy) went to Nairobi, had pizza at the french restaurant, went to Spinners’ Web ( a great place to get Kenyan souvenirs that are nice), got stuck in horrid traffic (what’s new??), [...]

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Tour Guide Experiment: Day One

I’ve always appreciated how well Erika plans out activities for the friends and family she has that visit town. So, in an attempt to allow her and Rhett  to experience the fun of an itinerary planned just for them, I have written up a 5 day list of activities and meals in the hopes of enabling [...]

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Friends fast approaching!

Our good friends Rhett and Erika Lee are on their way right now to visit us! They are somewhere between DC and Amsterdam, having scored some sweet first class seats!  Yeah for them! Here’s a picture of them with Rhetts mom, and their kids Caity and Jackson who will be staying in Portland while they [...]

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Passing time

I bet it’s hard to imagine living somewhere where it is pretty much the same kind of weather year round.  I had a hard time imagining it when I lived in Portland. Because it is  generally between 70-80 degrees year round here in Kenya give or take 10 degrees in their summer and winter, we [...]

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Did you know?

That there could be a show made just for me called, “So You Just Can’t Dance?” I gave up in college, after trying country swing dancing.  In high school, I had to be the dance team manager.  I couldn’t count time.  Still really can’t.   I have trouble finding the beat.  It really is a sad [...]

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