Sunday lunch

We joined a small group from church. For you non-churchies…that is just a way of saying being assigned a group of friends that you meet with to socialize, and support, and study with. We’re trying to expand our social circle a little…’s a big adjustment to go from many close, close friends in Portland to [...]

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The Portland Crew

So it’s been a little over a week now since our volunteer training crew from Portland has left.  It seems like forever and a day since they were here; so much goes on in each and every day at the Centre that we are just worked and worn out by the evening. Our crew consisted [...]

Thika Rotary Club

We were invited to a party. We found out when we arrived that it was to benefit the Rotary Club of Thika.  And that it cost money.  Ooops.  Thankfully, I had the exact amount of the entrance fee (to cover the awesome dinner) in my wallet. Here are some pics of the festivities:     [...]

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Eli did have a 1st day of school

It was just almost a month ago now. Guess I’m a little behind. He loves school.  I love his uniform.  Easy and simple, no struggles over what to wear in the morning.                       Yes, I see there are spots, I think he spilled yogurt and [...]

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The boy who stole my heart

As word gets out about our program, we get a lot of people inquiring on if we might be able to help them in some way. John, the village elder from Gachagi came one day and asked if he might take me to visit a family.  I agreed. He took me to visit Halaki, and [...]

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Crazy week!

Well, it has been a crazy week. Getting the guest apartment  ready.  We have named it the ‘tree house”.  For the flame trees.  I think it’s a catchy name, and we’ve always named all of the houses we live in…usually by the address, but scenery works too.  Megan has done a great job of taking [...]

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That’s just the British

Ok, so a while ago our friend Andy Stoughton started harassing us about spelling center, CENTRE.  He imformed us that he was going to start spelling dude (one of the words both our families use much to frequently) some crazy way as a means of payback for all of the words we are spelling oddly. [...]

Mental Health Confessions

Anyone who knows me well knows I can get a little obsessed with things.  It usually last about a month or so until I’ve read, researched, and experimented with that specific activity or topic way more than I’d like to admit.   My sweet wife chooses to call it my intense personality, I’m sure it’s been called [...]

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This morning I was greeted by our resident assistant, Naomi, and one of the centre girls at 7:30am on my front porch.  They reminded me that today was a graduation ceremony at the vocational training program a few of our girls attend.  All the girls had been up since 5am getting ready and they wanted [...]

Kid Honesty

Lucy will be 3 in a about 2 weeks. She’s at the stage where everything she thinks comes out of her mouth (I guess some people never get out of that stage). Today her winner comments both had to do with Esther our househelp. The first, announced to the whole family when Esther come out [...]

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