Playgyms rock….so does soda

On one of the weekend days we try to get to Nairobi. We get money for our weeks expenses and do the shopping that can’t be done here in our own town, although the shopping in Nairobi is getting smaller and smaller as we learn to navigate and shop for things at our local market. [...]

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An exciting evening for the kids.

    Eli’s on the edge of he seat for… So exciting, last week we were invited to our first child birthday party.  It was on Wed evening here in Thika for a boy, Jay, in the kid’s class.  It took us over an hour to find the place, it’s less than 10km from our house.  [...]

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Growing up

Today was day 3 of the kids riding the “bus” or rather “school van” to school. School starts at 8am and the bus beeps at our door (literally) at 6:45am, or 6:30am if the driver has had a good road rally day on our road and makes good time. I was not appreciative of his [...]

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Makongeni Market

OK, so Kenyans as a whole (at least the ones we’ve met) do not really eat raw vegetables like we do.  They eat tons of greens that have have been boiled or fried, very tasty, but far from the fresh salads we’re used to.   Oh Sweet Tomatoes, I was sick of you two months ago and now [...]

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Imani Bazaar, Weekend Exploring, and Back to Work

                                                                                  Meanwhile…..the girls were at the fingernail painting booth.   Wow and way out here [...]

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Thursday Afternoon

On Thursday I spent the afternoon walking around the local community here with our gate man Titus (Tito) Kibiego.  He’s been living here for about 8 years and is well known in the area.  I don’t know WWF but around here the kids call him Big Show (after some wrestler), he’s about 6 foot 2 [...]

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Where we were a year ago….

So, I’ve been asked how we ended up here in Thika.  I forget that some of you haven’t been on this journey with us from the start! So for Donna, and perhaps others of you who haven’t been on this rollercoaster ride with us, I pulled a note that I wrote in early September reflecting [...]

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Warning lights are helpful…if you understand them.

  We are enjoying the freedom our new car brings. There have been a couple cases though in this last week were we have had opportunity to need the owner’s manual…..and to our disappointment…no owner’s manual in the car.   Our first opportunity came while I (Anne) was on my first driving outing in Thika. [...]

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Chicken Proof Doors Only Work When Closed.

Like so many other things in life, we only get out of things what we put into them.  I may have the most chicken proof door possible, but if I leave it wide open….it doesn’t do much good.   I’ll let the pictures do the talking.                    On a [...]

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New favorite

We love reading books in the May house.  We brought a few of our favorites along with us with the thought that books were heavy and might be hard to come by here, or that they might be expensive.  They’re not too expensive, about what it would cost in the States. When we were last [...]

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